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Wants Man Is the nissan altima a good car

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Is the nissan altima a good car

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Based on those attributes, argues videographer and assistant photographer Brad Fick, "The Altima makes a solid argument for a family sedan. As assistant technical editor Maxwell B.

The reliability of the nissan altima

We ordered the all-wheel-drive system because, at the time, neither of the Altima's big-selling family-car rivals—the Toyota Camry nor the Honda Accord —offered it, and we wanted to try it during a snowy Michigan winter. Well we were able to "jump" the battery and get the car started. Some of our long-termers have racked up considerably more mileage over the same period. And this battery was only 2 years old. But this is the worse experience I have ever had with a "new" car. They are deed to enable the windshield-mounted sensors and cameras required by active-safety systems, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, to function properly.

Nissan altima

I like the Pro Pilot Assist feature, especially in stop and go traffic on the highway. I wish though that Nissan would find a way to soften and smoothen the ride. It also helps keep the car centered in it's lane. We were on the DE bridge if anyone tne that bridge you would know that's not a place for this to happen.

Nissan altima reviews

After living with it for a month, I'm percent neutral on this car. Today's windscreens are far more than large hunks of laminated safety glass. Engine noise is minimal, even when accelerating hard. But "jump started" that car and thee least made it back to Baltimore safely and had to exchange that rental car for another one yesterday.

Thanks to responsive steering, a well-damped ride, and a firm brake pedal, this Giod actually is engaging—once it lugs itself up to speed. So since it's Sunday and the car got there later Friday after they didn't have time to really check for the problem and I am expected to have the true diagnosis of the car tomorrow on Monday, I will follow-up later. It accelerates to 60 mph in 7. A persistent rattle drove photo assistant Charlie Ladd to inspect every inch of the rear end.

But the wonky audio-system volume knob is still driving us crazy; twisting the knob clockwise sometimes makes the music louder but other times makes it quieter.

Have milked it along but can only drive in town. Would like some more road feedback, but it's easy to drive. This makes windshields much more expensive than they used to be because a replacement requires recalibrating the sensors and cameras. Now, we'll cop to our bias for vehicles with wide-awake performance.

It eliminates or reduces the possibility of rear-ending the car in front by accident. Took the car back to the dealership and had a complete battery service altiam the car for free because they told me my battery was fine and good at the time of service but in fact was not. Hopefully my life will calm down once Nissan fixes this issue. Then it got worse! By the way, this is alyima fourth Altima.

So we get to the Woodrow Wilson Service Stop which I usually do and go in, come back out, and try to drive the car over to the service area to get Octane Buster for the gas to see if that resolves the issue.

Our nissan altima makes an early exit

Those who have spent time behind the Altima's wheel generally come away with positive thoughts. Tue predicted customer satisfaction for the Nissan Altima is also a mere three out of five. And wouldn't you know it, our current winter has been one of the warmest and least snowy in years. So now I am nervous and scared because I am in the middle of the road and the car isn't trying to go forward from a stop. I am a single mother of 3 and am supposed to have a reliable car!

The first and by far the biggest ls something that has become an issue for the entire auto industry: the cost of replacing a windshield. I don't feel like Gooc got stuck with a dud, but I'm also not excited to get into it every day.

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It's quick, has a lot of technology, very nice styling, and is mostly comfortable. Many nlssan felt that when they compared what the Altima provided to what similar cars in the same average price bracket offered drivers, that the Altima came up short. The car didn't really want to accelerate up that bridge and there was only 2 lanes because there is currently construction on the bridge. On asphalt, it floats down the road bood the best of them.

The cold also brought up two interior-comfort issues. We're sure Nissan's engineers didn't de the automatic climate-control system to operate this way, and it otherwise works fine, so we'll have the dealer look into it at the next service.

Now it is July and they were in a class action lawsuit stating that people with this vehicle need to bring the car in because of transmission issues. I do not recommend that anyone buys a Nissan product and I will never purchase a Niasan product again!

How reliable is the nissan altima?

View Photos Brad FickCar and Driver Long-term exposure to a car reveals its secrets, and this winter we've discovered a few things about our Altima that could be improved on. So my car has been great to god knowledge until the last week or so. They are thrilled that the wide selection of trims enables them to find a version of the Altima that fits neatly into their budget.

Many drivers are quick to stat that the sheer of semi-automatic features found in the Nissan Altima is what sold them on the nissam. Because I commute to work by driving and I have traveled out of state with it, I have 62, miles on my car.

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With more hours driving in darkness, we noticed that its auto-dimming inside rearview mirror doesn't ks out the glare of headlights enough for some of us. If anyone else has an transmission issues with a Altima please share! Then they had to replace the battery because it was dead. I would appreciate to hear your experience. We ordered a top-spec Platinum model with the optional all-wheel-drive system, which can be had only with the base hp 2.

I like that I niesan yet see hundreds more on the ro yet. The suspension fails to absorb many road bumps that drivers encounter on their daily commute.